41st International Summer School of Architecture, Motovun, Istria, Croatia

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4th – 10th August – ONLINE

Dear All,

Applications are open for participation in the 41st International Summer School of Architecture in Motovun – Tradition, Creativity and Sustainability, which will be held from 4 to 10 August, virtually or hybrid as in the previous two years, combined remotely (online) with live broadcasts from Motovun and other destinations in Istria and the world.

The elective course Tradition, Creativity and Sustainability takes place within the School program. Participants will be lecturers and students from Croatia and abroad. According to the model of the semester course, there will be 15 lectures with work on projects that are located in Motovun. The past few years have been the primary design of interpolations above and below ground to preserve rare undeveloped spaces for the purpose of free views from pedestrian perspectives and to allow bioclimatic ventilation of streets in the dense medieval matrix of the city.

As in previous years, the participation of lecturers and students from countries in the vicinity of Istria – from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and other European countries is planned, and lecturers from the USA, Canada and Japan are also invited. In the past two years, online communication has brought us very close in a way. The cost of participation was significantly reduced, because unfortunately we did not physically travel to Motovun and for the first time since the existence of the School we did not physically stay in it, but in this way we prevented the epidemic risk and remained responsible! Very good results, quality communication and cooperation were achieved.

With your participation, this year we will try to realize a traditional program consisting of lectures, workshops – projects and presentations, possibly with additional activities, so that the elective course Tradition, Creativity and Sustainability will maintain its long-standing continuity and legitimacy.

In the case of online performance, we can only hold a professional tour of Motovun with short reports from other destinations in Istria as in the previous two years.

Lecturers who are traditional partners of the School, as last year, expressed great joy that despite the continuation of the pandemic and unpredictable epidemiological measures, plans to hold the School, so this year they expressed a desire to participate in lectures and workshops.

The priority project task is Above and Underground Interpolation. It is also possible to work on projects for the reconstruction of the Istrian narrow-gauge railway Parenzana, whose tunnel under the suburb of Motovun is 220 meters long at the foot of Motovun, on projects for the arrangement of micro-locations of public spaces; promenades on the walls and small squares with urban equipment and lighting as well as traditionally on the design of the dormitory of the Study Center on the ruins of houses owned by the Faculty of Architecture in the street Borgo.

The possibility of continuing projects in the 3rd semester of the Graduate Study has been opened, through the course Architecture of the Future, which is conceptually compatible with the themes of the School in Motovun.

Motovun’s dense medieval urban core and close suburbs have only a few gaps that need to be protected and used as multi-purpose public spaces, primarily in the undeveloped but covered ground

floor. The proposed projects envisage modern solutions of underground floors for parking of citizens’ vehicles and service spaces for commercial purposes, and floors above the ground floor as full architectural volumes and / or belvedere terraces.

On today’s empty plots, according to the project task of the school Above and underground interpolation, public and mixed-use spaces are needed for the functioning of the city in the 21st century.

This year’s projects can be integrated into the multi-year presented, promoted and published idea of the new Green Street as a pedestrian service link of undeveloped plots, whose idea is signed by the head of the Study Center and School – College, architect Full Prof Art Ljubomir Miscevic.

For this year’s school, we especially announce the continuation of collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt, led by Professor Erik Röthele that successfully began last year.

For students of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, participation in the work of the school that includes the final public presentation of works is evaluated as an elective course with one ECTS credit. The evaluation of the School’s program and the student’s work (ECTS credits or other system) depends on the individual School from which the students participate.

The program contains 15 lectures, a project in a workshop on the announced topic, an expert tour and a public presentation of the project on the last day of August 10. All ONLINE.

Attendance at lectures and other activities according to the School program is possible free of charge. Prior registration is required to be approved for inclusion on the Zoom platform.

The planned tuition fee for students from Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Mostar and others from the former Yugoslavia (non EU member) is HRK 350.00 (+ VAT) and for students from the EU and others it is HRK 750.00 (+ VAT).

The application should contain your name and surname, the name of your school, the year of study, the address with contacts and a motivating sentence for participation.

Students and lecturers from Split, Osijek and Mostar are expected to participate in the continuation of the initiative to create a joint study elective course of Croatian faculties of architecture.

Those interested are invited to apply as soon as possible, because the number of participants in the online implementation is still limited. In addition to the registered students for attending the School, a total of up to 100 places have been opened on the Zoom platform.

The application deadline is August 1st! Confirm your registration as soon as possible!

School will start on Thursday, August 4 at 10:00 a.m. on the Zoom platform.
The inclusion is through the website of Consortium passive house Croatia: www.kpk.hr 
For all questions, send an email to:  miscevic@arhitekt.hr or call +385 230940
Motovun video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58nZ4Ueofjo
See you in the virtual reality of Motovun ONLINE!

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