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If you want to become a member of the Society of Female Architects, you need to fill out the form below. A short biography is an obligatory part of the form. According to the statute of the Association: a member can be a woman who is an architect by profession and who accepts the goals of the Association and the Status and submits an application for membership to the Board of Directors of the Association. The decision on admission to membership is made by the Assembly and the applicant should be notified about the result without delay.

According to the decision of the Board of Directors of the Association, the annual membership fee for 2019 is 2000 dinars (20 euros for members from abroad) and it is paid according to the payment instructions that you will be given after the submission of documentation for access.

A member of the Association has the right to:

  1. participate on an equal footing with other members in achieving the goals of the Association;
  2. directly participate in decision-making at the Assembly, as well as through the bodies of the Association;
  3. elects and is being elected to the bodies of the Association;
  4. be fully informed about the work and activities of the Association;

A member of the Association is obliged to:

  1. actively contribute to the achievement of the Association goals;
  2. participate, in accordance with the interest, in the activities of the Association;
  3. pay membership fees;
  4. performs other tasks entrusted to her by the Board of Directors.

Application form 

I hereby declare that I am joining the Society of Female Architects from Belgrade, Šumatovačka Street no. 110a, registration number 28208537, PIB 109645993.

I am familiar with and fully accept all the provisions of the founding act which was passed on July 27, 2016. year, which is entered in the Register of Associations at the Agency for Business Registers no. BU 7292/2016 dated 05.08.2016. By filling out this application form, I accept to actively participate in the work of the association.