Dr Eva Vaništa Lazarević

Doctor of Science in the field of architecture and urbanism, full professor of urbanism and urban planning at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. She has over 25 years of experience as a lecturer in the field of urbanism, urban design and urban regeneration and planning, as well as being architect in practice. She was the head of the Department of Urbanism and Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture, a member of the City Commission for Urbanism of the City of Belgrade and an advisor for architecture and urbanism in the Ministry of Urbanism, Planning and Environment of Serbia. Founder and chief architect of the design bureau Atelier Eva Vanista Lazarevic. Winner of numerous awards at architectural and urban competitions. Organizer and director of the international conference Places & Technologies, which is held every year in Serbia and Southeast Europe. Author of over 30 scientific papers in the field of urban design and her name signs two books, both awarded. Editor of two professional monographs and the international journal Oxford’s Elsevier - Energy & Buildings, Special Issues: Places & Technologies. As an advisor, she participated in the development of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia, in the field of Brownfield investments. She has been a member of ISOCARP since 2014.

Anja Ivana Milić

She is the founder, co-owner and technical director of the company, which has been successfully operating in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia for 18 years - in the fields of architectural design and engineering, execution of works, and design and production of furniture. Known for working with the world's largest companies present in Serbia on equipping and branding their business premises, as well as for cooperating with major world architectural firms from London, Washington, Tokyo, and Melbourne on projects in Serbia and Montenegro. She is the winner of several awards and recognitions and an active member of professional associations, but also associations that deal with women's entrepreneurship. Since 2011 - she has been an Ambassador of Women's Entrepreneurship of Serbia, within the WENS project of the European Union.



Maja Lalić

President of the Mixer Association and creative director of the Mixer Festival. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, then built parallel careers in interior design and architecture and TV journalism. He moved to New York in 1999, where she earned a Master of Architecture and Urban Design. Maja has collaborated on several urban design projects in New York, Brussels, Prague and Belgrade. She founded Mikser, a cultural platform responsible for organizing numerous exhibitions and events in the field of architecture, design and communication, such as Belgrade Design Week, lectures by Rem Kolhas, Daniel Libeskind, Gaetano Pesche, Karim Rashid and others. Maja is the founder of the creative studio reMix, dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, design and branding, with innovative projects such as Telenor's flagship store and Supermarket concept store, both in Belgrade. Maja is the author of the annual talent show Ghost project. She is also the initiator and co-organizer of the Young Balkan Designers exhibition. .


Milena Zindović

She deals with architectural and urban design, interior design, and research related to the application of various media, primarily digital, in architecture. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 2007. She completed her master's degree at Cornell University, New York, where she focused on the relationship between architecture and presentation media. She gained professional experience in Belgrade and Ljubljana, and she has also worked as a director of the Public Urban Company Plan Sabac. She has participated in a number of international open and invitational competitions, and is the author of several interiors of apartments, business premises and catering facilities in Belgrade. She is the author of the Women in Architecture initiative and the editor of the book Women in Architecture | Contemporary architecture in Serbia after 1900. She is the co-author of the workshop Builders of Belgrade and the exhibition Her Circle - Women's Creativity in the Architecture of the 20th Century in Serbia and Montenegro, that she had presented in Paris. She won the award of the Salon of Architecture in Belgrade and Novi Sad (in the Publications category, 2016).


Dr Žaklina Gligorijević

She received her bachelors, masters and PhDs from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, and continued her education at the postgraduate program SPURS MIT and Harvard GDS, in 2003/04. She started her professional work on urban plans in the Sector for Cooperation with Economy of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, then the Institute for Development Planning of the City of Belgrade, Basis Project and the Center for Urban Development Planning CEP, where she has built herself professionally as a manager. From the position of CEP director, she went to USA for academic training and upon her return she worked in the public sector of the City of Belgrade, first as an associate of the city architect in the mayor's office (2004), then as a manager in the General Planning Department (2005) and director of Urban Institute of Belgrade Belgrade (2008–2012). She has signed architectural projects, spatial, general urban and regulatory plans in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, thematic city studies, including the Development Strategy of the City of Belgrade. She is a winner of numerous awards at public urban competitions, a participant in their preparation and expert juries, at national exhibitions of Urbanism and Architecture.

Vesna Cagić Milošević

She graduated in 1996. She has been working at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture (1996 - today), since 2014 as an associate professor. She is engaged in architectural and urban design, interior design, pedagogical and research work. The author is, independently or as a member, of various author teams, over 20 realizations of architectural objects: the building of the Government of the Republic of Srpska (2007) Banja Luka; Business center, Takovska 23-25 ​​(2008) Belgrade; Residential and business complex, Goce Delčeva (2009), New Belgrade and a large number of interiors: reconstruction and interior of the Fontana Cinema, New Belgrade. She won the Večernje Novosti award in 2009 and the recognition in the Interior design category of the 37th Salon of Architecture in 2015 in Belgrade. She is the author of two monographic publications. She actively participates in the work of domestic and international, professional organizations, and since 2013 she has been the President of the Management Board of the Association of Architects of Belgrade.


Dr Milica Bajić Brković

Architect and planner, educated in Serbia and USA, she has dedicated her professional life to the built environment. She has extensive professional experience as a university lecturer, researcher, university official, editor, planner. A full professor of urban planning and design at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, she has taught at other universities in the region, Italy and the Antilles. She was previously Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the University of the West Indies, Fulbright Scholar at Berkeley University, Visiting Lecturer at Rutgers University, Visiting Lecturer at Ancona University, Visiting Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. In addition, she has lectured and been a guest in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, USA, China, Australia, UAE and others. She was the president of ISOCARP, the international association of planners. Milica's professional interest and experience are related to urban physical planning and development, sustainable development and design, spatial transformations of urban environments, new planning and design approaches in theory and methodology, including the phenomena of virtual cities and professional communication via the Internet.

Zorica Savičić

Active in the fields of architecture, art, urban design and education since the early eighties. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1985, where she later worked as an assistant and visiting professor. She also taught at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, where she worked closely with Professor Ranko Radovic, as well as at the Interdisciplinary Master's Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Over the last twenty years, she has won numerous awards and recognitions in domestic and international competitions, including over 10 first prizes and numerous other recognitions and redemptions. As a member of the jury, she herself participated in the selection of laureates for the Ranko Radovic Award, as well as in the selection of the best solutions in some of the important architectural and urban competitions in Serbia. During her professional career, she worked in the architectural studios Investbiro, Energoprojekt HK (as a leading designer) and Portart. Together with numerous associates of different generations, she participated in domestic and international competitions, which resulted in dozens of notable architectural solutions, including the reconstruction of the theater in Subotica or the Kastel Fortress in Banja Luka. She has designed residential complexes, public buildings, office buildings, theaters, museums and pavilions, as well as numerous interior solutions. She has participated in conferences and professional gatherings in Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Czech Republic and the entire region. She is a member of the Council of the Architecture Expo in Belgrade and vice-president of the Center for Stage Design at OISTAT. Since 2012, she has also been an associate professor at the Faculty of Art and Design Megatrend, where she teaches Interior design of Public Buildings and Cultural Facilities.

Dr Ljiljana Blagojević

As an architect, she graduated, specialized, obtained her master's degree and PhD at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, where she was employed as an associate professor. She deals with history and theory of modern and contemporary architecture and architectural design. She held guest lectures were at Harvard University, Yale University, Parsons School of Design, Vienna Academy and other eminent academic institutions. She was a visiting associate professor at Yale University School of Architecture, where she taught master studies on a studio project and in the field of history and theory of architecture and urbanism. Since 2011, she has been a visiting associate professor of architectural theory at the Faculty of Arts in Podgorica. She is the author of the book Modernism in Serbia: The Elusive Margins of Belgrade Architecture, 1919-1941, New Belgrade: Challenged Modernism and The Modern House in Belgrade, 1920-1941. She has published several chapters in scientific books and articles in Perspecta, The Journal of Architecture, Bauwelt and others. As an architect, she worked in London at the offices of the RHWL Partnership and the Office of Zaha Hadid, where she specialized in the design of auditorium buildings. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1992. She is the author of notable and award-winning projects that examine the relationship between architecture and art. She exhibited her works at the 9th Quadrennial of Stage Design and Theater Architecture in Prague and the 8th International Exhibition of Architecture in Venice, and she was also a co-author of the exhibition in the Serbian Pavilion at the 11th International Exhibition of Architecture in Venice. ,

Dr Aleksandra Krstić – Furundžić

After completing her studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (1978), she specialized (1983), received her master's degree (1988) and her doctorate (1992) at her home faculty. She is the head of the Department of Architectural Technologies and also a visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Banja Luka. Her professional engagement is focused on the field of architectural construction, materials and physics of buildings, and ecologically and energetically green architecture. She had visited Kungl. Tekniska Hogskolan, Department of Architecture Building Design, Sweden and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and the Center for Building and Systems TNO-TU / e, Netherlands as a student. She is a member of the editorial board of the international journal The International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment, Gulf Organization for Research & Development, Elsevier and Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture at Kaunas University of Technology. As a member of the Management Committee and working groups, she participates in a number of international research projects within the European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research. She has published several books, chapters in international and national monographs, papers in international and domestic journals and conference proceedings.

Dr Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade (1987), mentor prof. Milan Lojanica, consultant prof. Zoran Nikezic. She attended postgraduate studies, Housing course, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade (1987-1989). She completed her professional exham in 1989. Doctoral dissertation "Spaces of universities and scientific complexes in modern transformations of the city", mentor prof. Dr. Aleksandra Stupar, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade; acquired the title of Doctor of Technical Sciences (2016). From 1984/85. worked in the office of Andrews Kalik Associates, Andrews Kalik Associates, Reading, England; in 1987/1991. she was an independent designer at the Traffic Institute CIP, Belgrade; in years 1991/1994. a senior independent designer - Economic Bureau, Belgrade; in 1994/96. Farman, Budapest, Hungary; in 1996/98 Far & Man, Belgrade; in 2003/07 Beogas-Aquaterm. Biro VIA d.o.o. Belgrade is an architectural company that she founded together with Goran Vojvodić in 2007. She has realized over 30 buildings, interiors and plans (some realized works have been awarded as well as activities with the BINA project) and she has good experience in competitions. She was the president of the Association of Architects of Belgrade (2004/08) and a member of the Court of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers (2005/09). She is also the co-author and co-founder of the BINA project (Belgrade International Architecture Week) organized by the Society of Architects of Belgrade and the Cultural Center of Belgrade. One of the founders of the NGO organization Dokomomo Serbia. She worked as a full professor at the Faculty of Design and Arts, Megatrend University (2009-2017) and was Vice Dean for International Projects, Master and Doctoral Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design (2016). She was the team leader of the international competition program for block 39 and the Design Coordinator for the Science Promotion Center in Belgrade. She finds inspiration for design in the local context and constantly complements his professional knowledge through a wide range of architectural activities. Favorite saying: Knowledge is power (Scientia potestas est, Francis Bacon). 

Dr Ružica Božović Stamenović

ruzica-bozovic-stamenovicShe graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and at the same University, promoted to the titles of Specialist, Master and Doctor of Science (award of the Chamber for the best doctorate of BU in 1996). She specialized at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After working experience in eminent offices (CEP, Urban Institute, Srbijaprojekt), she came to the University of Belgrade, and later to the National University of Singapore, where she continues to teach as a visiting professor. She is an assistant at the TAMU Center for Health Systems and Design, Texas A&M University, USA, as well as a member of the executive board, UIA Public Health Group, board member, GUPHA-Global University Programs in Healthcare Architecture and board member, RED Center - American Art Resources, Houston, USA. Her research interest is in the field of human ecology and the relationship between space and health, as well as the theory, methods and design processes in that field. She has published two books: On Treatment Spaces, Day Care Centers and Family Housing in Denmark, as well as numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed papers in journals. She often participates in scientific conferences and is a guest lecturer around the world (USA, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, etc.). For her work in the field of design, she received (with D. Stamenović) the most important national awards in the field of architecture: the October Salon Award (1998), the Architecture Salon Award (1998, 1991, 1991), the Borbina Award (1992), as well as many awards at national and international competitions. She has participated in over thirty exhibitions including the selection of Aldo Rossi for the Second Venice Biennale (1985) and the national selection for the Eighth Venice Biennale - NEXT - Destruction & Construction (2002).

Radmila Milosavljević

An architect who deals with the theory and practice of interior design. Member of ULUPUDS since 1973, with the title of prominent artist and Lifetime Achievement Award. She founded the Design Center (Yugoslav) in Belgrade in 1972 and the Correspondence School for Interior Design Ambijent, in 1988. She has exhibited in over 30 collective, solo and author exhibitions. She has published over 2,000 professional texts in the media, press, radio and television. Realized over 3,000 residential interiors and over 30 furniture designs. She is the winner of the International Award AS - DESIGN 71, ULUPUDS Plaque, Golden Key of the Belgrade Furniture Fair, Cup of the Novi Sad Furniture Fair, ULUPUDS Lifetime Achievement Award.



Dr Sonja Radić Jelovac

sonja-jelovac Leading architect and founder of Studio SYNTHESIS architecture & design in Podgorica, visiting professor at the University of Montenegro. She completed her undergraduate studies in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, and received her master's degree from the University of La Sapienza in Rome, at the Department of Planning and Design, Urban Development in Developing Countries. From 2005–2008. year she was a teaching associate at the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica. She won a scholarship from La Sapienza University in Rome for three years of doctoral studies, PDTA Department, Department of Environmental Design. The research focused on the urban regeneration of the waterfront and the model of its ecological transformation. In 2015, she defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Projective” Resilience Assessment for Water Sensitive Adaptive Urban Design - Transforming urban watershed in resilient landscape. As part of her PhD, she makes an authentic contribution to scientific progress in the field of contemporary research in the field of new paradigms in design and adaptive ecological urban design through the prism of collaborative resilience. She has won numerous awards and recognitions at international exhibitions and salons of architecture and urbanism. As a Visiting Scholar, she conducts postdoctoral research in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano.

Dr Jelena Ivanović Šekularac

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. She was declared a student of the generation of the Belgrade University of the 1989/90 school year. The University of Belgrade awards her with an award from the Sisters Bulajić Fund for the best graduate thesis at the Faculty of Architecture for the 1990/91 school year. She has a master's degree and a PhD from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, where she was employed first as an assistant trainee, then as an assistant and later as an assistant professor. She has been an associate professor since 2012. She was a fellow of ÖAD, the Austrian Academic Association, the Ministry of Science, the Austrian Government, and resided at the Institute for Metal and Wooden Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Innsbruck (1997). She is the author of a large number of papers published in leading scientific journals of international importance and scientific journals of national importance. She is the author of the scientific monograph Preschool Institutions and Comfort, ACADEMIA Library, Andrejević Endowment, Belgrade (2000). She is a participant in a large number of international and domestic scientific conferences where she has exhibited her works. She is the author of a number of constructed architectural objects in the country and abroad. He holds a design license from the 300th Chamber of Engineers of Serbia for a certified architectural engineer (2003). Predškolske ustanove i komfor, Biblioteka ACADEMIA, Zadužbina Andrejević, Beograd (2000). Učesnica je velikog broja međunarodnih i domaćih naučnih skupova na kojima je izlagala svoje radove. Autorka je većeg broja izvedenih arhitektonskih objekata u zemlji i inostranstvu. Poseduje projektantsku licencu 300 Inženjerske komore Srbije za ovlašćenog inženjera arhitekture (2003).

Ljiljana Bakić

Ljiljana Bakić is the female side of the famous architectural duo Bakić & Bakić. Independently, in cooperation with her husband Dragoljub Bakić, she designed and realized a huge number of facilities in Belgrade, other cities in Serbia, but also abroad. She worked at Energoprojekt, as did her husband. Their most famous work is certainly the Pionir sports hall, and next to it the Pionir ice rink. The Bakić & Bakić creative team is also known for two large residential settlements in Belgrade: Nova Galenika in Zemun and Višnjička Banja. The Institute for Rehabilitation of Nonspecific Lung Diseases in Soko Banja 1974-1975 stands out from her independent works. The architecture and experience of the Bakić couple were significantly marked by their stays and work abroad: in Finland, Kuwait, Zimbabwe. Both in Serbia and abroad, they have won a large number of awards and recognitions.


Dr Grozdana Šišović

grozdana-sisovicCo-founder of the architectural bureau re: a.c.t from Belgrade. Their practice is marked primarily by persistent and successful participation in architectural competitions as well as notable works performed. Among other things, they won awards for architecture at the Belgrade Salon of Architecture in 2010 and 2016, the UAS charter for the most successful work of our architects performed abroad in 2011, and were nominated for the Iac's Chernikhov Prize in 2010 and the Mies van der Rohe Prizes in 2011 and 2013.




Dr Dubravka Đukanović

dubravka-djukanovic-foto-m-tabasevicAssociate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and research associate at IAUS. She acquired the title of engineer, master and doctor of science at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. After many years of work in the service of protection of cultural monuments, since 2005 she has been running her own office, Studio D’ART. She is the winner of the Novi Sad Salon of Architecture Award for the realization of the student competition project at FTN / UNS and the Ranko Radović Award for theoretical work 2010. Author of numerous architectural and conservation projects, professional and scientific papers and monographs of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the XVIII and XIX centuries in Bačka and Architecture of Roman Catholic Churches of Vojvodina from 1699 to 1939.



Andrea Tamaš Dačić

Architect with versatile experience in architectural practice, interior design and theoretical work in the field of contemporary architecture. She completed her architectural studies at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. She gained international design experience in the United States during 2008/09., working in the design offices of Perkins & Will and Schwartzarch in New York. Since 2013, he has been working independently by establishing a platform for architecture, research and practice: arcHeA.holistic architecture, and since the end of 2015 she has been an expert consultant for RA Design Consultants in Doha, Qatar. She participated in classes at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the home faculty - where she is also a student of the 3rd year of doctoral studies. He is the author and co-author of several scientific papers and professional texts in the field of contemporary architecture. She has exhibited architectural and artistic works at numerous exhibitions, and as part of professional teams, she has won numerous awards and recognitions. During 2014, she participated in the research of Women Architects of Novi Sad, and together with her colleague Ivan Stanojev conceived the concept and realized the international student workshop WHO BUILT YOUR CITY - WOMEN ARCHITECTS OF ____ within the 14th Biennial of Architecture in Venice.

Nataša Đurić

An architect whose many years of professional work are characterized by interest in various areas and topics within the architectural profession, such as architectural and urban design, urban planning, but also problems of implementation and improvement of legal procedures in the planning and construction of facilities. She won the award at the Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad in 2007, and the award of the 13th Salon of Urbanism in the section of Regulatory Plans, Awards from the Aleksandar Šaletić Fund in 2005.




Dr Danica Stanković

Associate professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture and visiting professor at the Faculty of Arts, University of Nis. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, where she received her doctorate in 2009. She is the manager of a national scientific project and the author of two books in the field of design and revitalization of preschool facilities. She is an associate editor for the field of architecture in the international scientific journal Facta Universitatis, Series Architecture and Civil Engineering. She is the author and co-author of more than a hundred scientific and professional papers. She is a participant in international and domestic competitions and exhibitions of architectural works, as well as a recipient of recognition. Honorary Visiting Fellow of City University London 2011.



Aleksandra Jovanović

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and conducted specialist studies in France. From 1998 to 2007, she worked in Paris, Montreal and Belgrade as a responsible designer on the development and management of projects. Since 2007, she has been using her professional experience in activities as the chief architect of the municipality of Vračar, and then as the assistant to the president of the municipality for the field of urbanism. She was elected a member of the Council of the City Municipality of Vračar in 2012. Within the team of the municipality of Vracar, she managed numerous activities to improve living conditions in Vracar and participated in the work of the Commission for Plans of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade. Since 2016, she has been elected a member of the Municipal Assembly of Vračar. She is active in urban design and construction practice, as well as in the Society for the Beautification of Vracar. .


Biljana Gligorić

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. She is one of the founders of the NGO Expeditio, Center for Sustainable Spatial Development, from Kotor, Montenegro, where she works as a program director for energy efficiency, spatial planning and development. She actively participated in the creation, writing and implementation of more than 50 projects that the NGO EXPEDITIO has implemented since its foundation, and which covered various topics in the fields of spatial planning, architecture, cultural heritage and civil society development. From 2002 to 2013, she was a member of the National Council for Sustainable Development of Montenegro, where she also served as vice president for a while. Since 2009, she has been the Vice President of the Energy Efficiency Committee within the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro. For several years, she has been involved in the processes that are being launched in Montenegro in order to encourage energy efficiency and improve spatial development. She has the title of Certified Energy Auditor and is one of the authors of the Manual for the preparation of energy audits. In 2016, she was a member of the expert team that implemented the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Montenegro until 2030. Since 2009, she has also held the position of Executive Director of Expeditio Architect, a company that was created as a result of many years of work and experience of architects gathered around the Expeditio association.

Ivana Milenković