The Society of Female Architects was founded to achieve the following goals:

• affirmation, improvement and protection of architecture as a profession and its institutional status within social and cultural institutions in the Republic of Serbia;
• protection and affirmation of fundamental values, contributions, interests and positions of female architects in society;
• promotion of the role of women in the architectural profession;
• public promotion of women's architectural creativity and achievements;
• encouraging women in architecture to become more involved in professional, social and political life and to support leadership positions;
• expanding the knowledge base on women in architecture today and throughout history;
• protection of social and professional independence and provision of conditions for performing the profession of women architects, as well as protection of copyrights of women architects;
• cooperation with international architectural organizations;
• monitoring and assisting the development of science and education in the field of architecture and urbanism, together with scientific and school institutions and the economy;
• providing peer to peer assistance to all members;
• awarding prizes and recognitions for special achievements in the field of architecture;
• cooperation on authorial projects that affirm the architectural profession;
• strengthening the capacity of the architectural profession and educating the professional and general public about the role and importance of architecture.