About us

The Society od Female Architects was founded by 24 female architects: colleagues who have respected each other for years and who live in Serbia and Montenegro. Recognizing the common themes, inspirations, but also the problems that are felt in society, quite spontaneously, the feeling of association from individuals into society was born, towards the much-needed synergy through joint performance. 

The founders of ZAD (Society od Female Architects) are engaged in various architectural activities - from active and creative design with many recognized works to project office owners, from university professors and scientists to active participants and managers in local government, NGO activists, architecture critics, theorists, experts in interior design, urban planning, and finally design all the way to architecture-related media. Our structure is of all ages, but we are mostly already recognized authors who made the decision to deal with the activities of the society, primarily in order to determine an easier development path for their successors in the future within the architectural profession.

The society's website will be a common place for presenting and advertising both the professional work and success of individual members (through a short biography and information on professional work), the work and success of the society and the work of other women professionals in the world of architecture, urbanism and design. We deal with space and equality of all users but also participants in the creation, design of space and all other topics listed in the goals of society.

Transparency and role rotation is one of the characteristics nurtured in ZAD; what matters is the idea that is being implemented and not the person who could be identified as a leader. In that sense, the members rotate in positions, and each will be given a chance to be in charge of certain areas in which she can most effectively help.

At the first constitutive session of the ZAD, Dr. Arch. Eva Vaništa Lazarević was elected President of the ZAD: full professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and architect in practice, with performed works, scientist and founder of the Scientific Conference of Places and Technology; for the President of the Executive Board of ZAD - Arch. Anja Milić: owner of the largest private architecture studio in Serbia - Arhipro and an active architect with numerous works. Members of the Management Board are: Dr. Arch. Zaklina Gligorijević: advisor and former Director of the Urban Institute of Belgrade, manager of dozens of current urban plans; Arch. Maja Lalić: president of the Mixer Association and creative director of the Mixer Festival, master arch. from Colombia and the initiator of all advanced ideas on the regeneration of the first creative district of Savamala, and last but not least, Arch. Milena Zindović, author of the pioneering book "Women in Architecture", from which elements of interviews with individual fellow authors will appear on the pages of this web platform.

Prominent founders of ZAD are: Dr. Arch. Milica Bajić Brković: full professor of urbanism and spatial planning at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, long-time President of ISOCARP, the global association of urban planners and planners; Dr. Arch. Aleksandra Krstić Furundžić: full professor at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, scientist and former Head of the Department of Structures and one of the founders of the Scientific Conference "Places and Technologies"; Arch. Ljiljana Bakić: a distinguished author who is backed by many great architectural works; Arch. Radmila Milosavljević: a distinguished author and critic of architecture with dozens of published books on interior design; Dr. Arch. Ljiljana Blagojević: Associate Professor at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, scientist, visiting professor at Yale University with award-winning publications from the MIT School of Engineering; Dr. Arch. Jelena Ivanović Šekularac: Associate Professor of AF in Belgrade, scientist, expert in the field of performance; arch. Vesna Cagić Milošević, associate professor at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, active in practice, with architectural works, President of the Society of Architects of Belgrade; Dr. Arch. Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić: full professor and former Dean of the Megatrend Faculty, former President of the Society of Architects of Belgrade, author of several award-winning works; Dr. Arch. Ružica Božović Stamenović: associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Singapore, a distinguished scientist, active in design, with a degree in architecture; Arch. Zorica Savičić: one of the most influential architects in practice, with realised projects, associate professor at Megatrend, winner of many architectural competitions; Arch. Dr. Sonja Radović Jelovac: assistant professor at Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, owner and head designer at the Syntesis bureau, with performed and awarded architectural works; Arch. Dr. Danica Stanković: associate professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš; Arch. Natasa Đurić: activist and architect interested in local self-government problems; Arch. Aleksandra Jovanović: active in local self-government and the NGO "Association for the Beautification of Vračar"; Dr. Arch. Grozdana Šišović: PhD candidate at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, a distinguished architect with many built and awarded projects; Arch. Andrea Tamas Dacic: from Novi Sad, member of the DaNS board of directors; Arch. Dubravka Đukanović: architect-conservator, associate professor at the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad and director of the Novi Sad architectural bureau Studio D’Art; Arch. Biljana Gligorić: activist and founder of the NGO “Expeditio” from Kotor, which is actively involved in the preservation of the natural and built environment; Arch. Ivana Milenković: journalist and host of the cultural and architectural program on Radio Television of Serbia (RTS1).