Despite the numerous examples of official recognition and progress and the increasing visibility of women in architecture - equality between women and men in our country, as well as in the world, has not yet been achieved. In practice, women (especially those just starting off) often do not have the same rights - examples of this are (often hidden) differences in salaries, increasingly unequal division of labor and responsibilities as well as frequent discriminatory attitudes that women encounter when applying for a job. Most female architecture students begin their professional career more as executors and, unfortunately, more often than men, they agree to bad conditions: unpaid and / or undeclared work in offices. In such conditions, reaching the position of the author requires great sacrifices in private life and special excellence in the profession, unlike male colleagues - while the outcome is often uncertain. Later, during their careers, women are reprimanded for absence due to illness or having children, and positions are reached with difficulty and only exceptionally.